A Compassionate and Dedicated Approach to Washington State Family Law



The field of family law requires sensitivity and compassion due to the emotional and poignant nature of most cases. For most people, nothing is more important than family. So the stakes can be extremely high when it comes to legal matters involving families.

Ken Levey has been practicing family law for nearly 25 years. He has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve a desirable outcome in your family case. Equipped with an innate sense of what is fair and a finely tuned moral compass, Ken and his team are committed to fighting for just and equitable resolutions to family-related legal disputes for your children and you.

The Levey Law Group handles a wide-range of practice areas involved in family law. We also have a wealth of experience dealing with the unique legal challenges faced by military families. Our firm is prepared to help guide you through every phase of the divorce process. And we are also trained in collaborative law for those seeking more amicable divorce solutions.

How We Resolve Your Case

Maximizing the settlement potential of your legal case often leads to a positive and successful resolution. Settlement potential is dependent on a number of key factors unique to your case. We work with you to determine these factors and decide on a path of dispute resolution that maximizes your settlement potential. We discuss all options with you including litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and a combination of those two methods.

If you have questions or are facing a family law legal issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a confidential consultation to discuss your options and we will work diligently and tirelessly to make sure we understand every detail of your situation so that we can effectively fight for your rights and interests.