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Girl painting with her mom on a top co-parenting app
Top Co-parenting Apps Options to Download after Divorce
Divorce can be tough. Not just for you, but for your children too. But here’s the good news –...
screen time for children
The Do's and Don'ts of Screen Time for Children
This article integrates research and guidelines from reputable sources such as the American Academy of...
Sad african american couple sit on couch back to back
46% of divorced couples say this was the No. 1 conflict in their relationship—and it isn't money
In every love story, there are chapters of joy and those of challenge. But what if we could peek into...
co-parenting apps
Co-Parenting Apps: A Comprehensive Guide
Divorce and separation may be challenging, but the art of co-parenting doesn’t have to be. In this...
First Divorce in American History
The Luxford Legacy: The First Divorce in American History
The history of divorce in America is a complex tapestry woven with societal norms, personal struggles,...
reasons for divorce
The Top Reason That Could Have Saved Marriages According to 63% of Divorcees
Throughout history, marriage has been revered as a union of love, trust, and shared dreams. However,...
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