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Getting a Divorce When You Have Very Young Children
Whenever a divorce involves children, usually the most important consideration for both spouses is the...
Tips for Preparing to File Your Divorce
Getting ready to file for divorce is stressful. You know that your life is about to become a lot more...
car keys
Vehicles and Divorce
Divorce means it’s time to divide up marital property and debt. With physical items like couches or electronics,...
What is a Guardian ad Litem and Do We Need One?
We all want what is best for our children. In divorces or stand-alone custody disputes, the parents are...
Tips for Settling Your Divorce
We all know that divorce can take a long time and can be expensive. You and your spouse can have your...
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Types of Spousal Maintenance and When They Are Available
In Washington, “alimony” is referred to as “spousal maintenance” or simply “maintenance.”...