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What to Expect from the Collaborative Divorce Process
Collaborative divorce is designed to help the divorce process be smoother and less adversarial. Knowing...
What is Collaborative Law?
Divorce can be a highly contentious and emotionally charged process. In traditional divorce proceedings,...
man and woman discussing misconceptions about divorce
Understand Your Options: 7 Common Misconceptions About Divorce
There are a lot of misconceptions about divorce. Most people realize that divorce is not an easy process....
Test results for someone establishing paternity
Daddy Issues: Establishing Paternity in Washington State
Establishing paternity can be a difficult task. Every child that is born of course has a biological father,...
father and daughter
How Do We Tell Our Children?
So, the decision to dissolve the marriage has been made. Unfortunately, as difficult as this decision...
A schedule showing that someone is planning a visitation schedule for a specific date
5 Things to Consider When Planning a Visitation Schedule
When parents get divorced, one of the most difficult challenges they will face is developing, negotiating,...