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mom and child
Summer Vacation and Custody
Summer is a time of year when millions of Americans plan vacations together with their children. Whether...
Temporary Restraining Orders
The beginning of a divorce is obviously a time of immense change for everyone involved.  Financially,...
What if My Ex Will Not Let Me See the Children During My Time?
Divorce and child custody cases may cause upheaval, but at the end of the case, the parents will end...
not talking
LGBT Divorce and How Issues are Different and Similar
On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down the landmark decision of Obergefell...
divorce decree
What if I Cannot Meet My Financial Obligations Under My Divorce Decree?
At the end of every divorce, a decree of dissolution of marriage will be entered with the court, i.e.,...
domestic abuse
Domestic Violence and Child Custody
Domestic violence may come in many forms, including physical, emotional, financial, and  sexual violence. ...