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The Luxford Legacy: The First Divorce in American History

The history of divorce in America is a complex tapestry woven with societal norms, personal struggles, and groundbreaking legal decisions. While some sources erroneously credit Denis and Anne Clarke with the first recorded divorce in 1643, it was actually a couple by the names of James and Elizabeth Luxford who hold this dubious honor. Their […]

The Top Reason That Could Have Saved Marriages According to 63% of Divorcees

reasons for divorce

Throughout history, marriage has been revered as a union of love, trust, and shared dreams. However, the complexities of real life can strain even the strongest bonds. Surprising research conducted by Forbes Advisor unveils what nearly two-thirds of divorcing couples believed to be what could have saved their marriage. Top Five Factors That Could Have […]

Kevin Costner’s Multi-Million Dollar Divorce

Kevin Costner's Divorce

Kevin Costner and his estranged wife Christine Costner have recently filed for divorce in May of 2023 at the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara. The couple share 3 children together Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13. The court documents have been released to the public and Christine is requesting a magnitude […]

Why Trial is a Last Resort in Divorce

Trial is a Last Resort in Divorce

It’s common for couples to believe that getting divorce will end up in court. It’s what we primarily see on TV shows and in the news. As discussed in a previous post on the 8 methods of resolving a divorce, trial is only one method of getting divorced. And it’s the most costly. For this […]

What Happens to Your Pet When You Get Divorced?

Your Pet

Getting Divorced with Pets A frequently asked question is, “what happens to my pet when I get divorced?” You’ve decided to get divorced and now need to determine what to do with your shared pet.  This is a common issue now when a couple gets divorced. “Pet custody fights” are occurring with such increasing frequency […]

Eight Methods of Resolving a Divorce

Resolving a Divorce

When a spouse decides they want a divorce, it’s common for them to think there is only one way to do so.  In fact, there are at least eight methods of resolving a divorce.  It’s important for parties to understand each method, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the right path for them. […]

How to Keep Your Divorce and Work Life Separate

divorce and Work Life Separate

Whether you’re expecting it or not, divorce is a life changing event for both parties. In the process, you wonder how are you supposed to keep your divorce and work life separate. While hiring a good attorney will help tremendously, the process can still feel like taking on a second job that drains you mentally, […]

Common 9 Things People Forget When Getting Divorced

Forget When Getting Divorced

The decision to end a marriage can be traumatic, chaotic, and filled with emotion. Ask anyone who has experienced a divorce, and they will tell you that the process is anything but easy. Getting divorced can seem like a constant veil of fog. You might find yourself having a hard time remembering much of anything, […]

Divorce Expertise for your Family

family law

The Levey Law Group is your Tacoma divorce attorney. We are sensitive to the challenges facing a family during a divorce and will guide you through every step of the separation and divorce process. We are also experienced with the intricacies and unique challenges that can occur in a military divorce and other military related […]