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Exchanging Children During Covid

mother and daughter during Covid

During this pandemic, are parents who are separated or divorced doing anything different when exchanging their children? Well, yes and no. Here’s we’ve learned so far. Let us know if this helps any issues you might be having with your ex: 1. Most parents continue to abide either by common sense (if they don’t have a court-ordered parenting […]

A way to mitigate the effects of divorce on kids

child on swing

It’s never an easy conversation to have with clients, when discussing child custody and child visitation, determining the primary residence for the children. This article defines “birdnesting”  or “nesting” after a divorce as leaving the children in the family home, and parents come and go in rotation. While this may be unconventional, there is a […]

Getting a Divorce When You Have Very Young Children

happy baby

Whenever a divorce involves children, usually the most important consideration for both spouses is the final custody decision and the parenting time. The final decision on who will have primary custody of the child or children is made based on the child’s best interest. Every child is different, though, and if the child is very […]

What is a Guardian ad Litem and Do We Need One?


We all want what is best for our children. In divorces or stand-alone custody disputes, the parents are often fighting because they disagree on what would be the best custody or parenting time structure for the couple’s children. Mediation or settlement is usually the best way for you and the other parent to figure out […]

Understand Your Options: 7 Common Misconceptions About Divorce

man and woman discussing misconceptions about divorce

There are a lot of misconceptions about divorce. Most people realize that divorce is not an easy process. However, other things that you have heard about divorce or relationships that end in divorce may not be true. There is a significant amount of misinformation out there that may have a negative impact on your perception […]

How Do We Tell Our Children?

father and daughter

So, the decision to dissolve the marriage has been made. Unfortunately, as difficult as this decision likely was, things are probably only going to get harder. For example, one of the most emotionally challenging moments you may face following your decision to get divorced is breaking the news to your children. As you probably know, […]