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What is Divisible in Divorce?


Division of assets and debts in a divorce is usually a central issue for any couple. Any property acquired by the parties before the marriage is typically separate property while anything acquired during the marriage is marital property (also referred to as “community property”) with a few exceptions. For example, property received by devise typically […]

Options for the Marital Residence in Divorce

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Real estate, and more specifically, the marital residence, frequently is the largest asset to be divided in a divorce. The financial constraints of a divorce will often mean that the parties have limited choices on how to deal with the house in the divorce. If the residence you share with your spouse is marital property, […]

Expert Witnesses for Property Division in Divorce

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Division of the marital estate can be one of the most complex parts of a divorce. Each party is entitled to his or her share of all marital assets and debts, as Washington is a community property state. Complications often arise, unfortunately, when attempting to place an accurate value on certain assets. An expert witness […]

Vehicles and Divorce

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Divorce means it’s time to divide up marital property and debt. With physical items like couches or electronics, that’s usually pretty straight-forward. Dividing credit card debt often is just a numbers game. However, when you have a big-ticket item that has a debt associated with it, such as vehicles, things get a little more complicated. […]

Basic Rules of Asset Division

Basic Rules of Asset Division

One of the most important questions in any divorce is who will keep what property. Washington is a community property state. This means that any property or income that is acquired by either spouse during the marriage is community property, and therefore belongs to both spouses. Any property that a spouse owned before the marriage […]