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Enforcing Final Divorce Documents

After divorce proceedings are complete and the final documents are signed, you are more than ready to start your new life. But when your former spouse doesn’t follow through with the agreed upon divorce documents, like your parenting plan or financial commitments, enforcing court orders will require a skilled attorney by your side.

The Levey Law Group is committed to resolving these issues with as little inconvenience as possible, and we will always work in your best interests. We succeed in helping our clients enforce parenting plans, spousal support, payment of communal debts, and many others.

How do you enforce final divorce orders?

The process starts with a conversation with our clients where we assess the severity of your spouse’s non-compliance with or violation of the court order, and then recommend the best option(s). This could include a letter to your former spouse to see if that provides the motivation necessary, or we might recommend filing court documents to have the court address the issue.

The role of the court in enforcing divorce orders could include sanctioning your former spouse in any number of ways including holding them in contempt, “re-ordering them” to comply with the order, or awarding you a judgment.

Why it’s worth it.

Subjecting yourself to another round of legal disputes can seem daunting, but it is important for you to hold your former spouse accountable for their legal obligations. With The Levey Law Group by your side, the time and resources associated with enforcing divorce orders will be worth the effort. If you are having issues enforcing any of your final divorce orders, contact us today!

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