Modifications of Parenting Plans & Child Support

Pierce, Thurston, and South King County Modifications and Parenting Solutions
Life is constantly changing, and those who have had to establish family law agreements with regard to a divorce, custody battle, or other family or parental dispute–or those who had to have trials relating to these matters–know this better than most. Parenting plans and child support in particular often need to be adjusted, updated, or even overhauled as a result of the circumstances of either or both parents. The law calls these changes to parenting plans or child support “modifications.”

Our team has a keen moral compass and is dedicated to ensuring that your existing parental plans and child support remain fair and justified. For parenting plans, this means through the time that each child turns 18. For child support, this means for as long as each child is dependent on you which could include postsecondary support. You always should have the support you need–financial and otherwise–to provide and properly care for your children. We have a great deal of experience with modifications and can help with a variety of modification situations, including:

  • Modification of Parenting Plans
  • Relocation Actions
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Postsecondary Support
  • Support for Special Needs Children
  • Modification of Spousal Maintenance