Unmarried couples have legal rights that need to be considered when they decide to separate. Though Washington State does not recognize “Common Law Marriage,” it does adhere to the doctrine of “Committed Intimate Relationships,” meaning that the court may recognize certain legal rights when a couple has lived together in a marriage-like relationship with knowledge that they are not married.

When such a relationship ends, whether by the choice of one or both members, or the death of one member, numerous financial considerations need to be resolved. This is especially true if the couple share the parental responsibilities of minor children.

The Levey Law Group can help couples establish the legitimacy and legal rights of committed unmarried relationships. We can also help with the division of assets and debts, as well as parenting plans if children are involved. This may involve establishing paternity. Unmarried parents and partners have rights and, just as any married couple, deserve equitable resolutions when their relationships end.