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There are many different intricacies that must be addressed when you are going through a divorce or some other family law matter, and the maze can be very confusing. We answer a lot of questions at the confidential consultations that we have with our clients, and we offer a great deal of very useful information right here on our website. This blog is updated regularly, and we also offer some additional permanent resources.

As we have stated, we do in fact respond to a lot of the same queries, so we have created a page that provides answers to frequently asked questions about family law matters. If you spend a little time digesting this information, you will come away with a solid foundation of knowledge to draw from going forward.

In addition to the frequently asked questions, our readers have access to a very carefully prepared, in-depth Washington divorce guide. This publication will provide you with some very valuable insight if you are going to be entering into the divorce process. One facet that it touches upon is the possibility that a divorce may actually be a very positive step for your family. It need not be looked upon as something that is entirely negative.

Our monthly newsletter is another source of ongoing family law information that you can receive in your inbox free of charge. You can simply subscribe here, and we assure you that you will be glad that you did, because family law matters evolve as time goes on. This newsletter will keep you up to date.

Many people like to obtain their information through the written word, and as you can see, we provide many different ways for you to do just that. However, some individuals prefer to watch videos to build on their knowledge, and we have you covered in this area as well. Our library of educational family law of videos can be accessed at any time, and you can gain valuable insight into a plethora of different topics if you watch these presentations.

All of these resources are invaluable, but there is no substitute for an in-person, one-on-one consultation with a licensed family law attorney. Tacoma residents can set up an appointment by phone right now at 253-272-9459, and you can alternately reach us through our contact page if you would prefer to get in touch electronically.

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