LGBTQ Family Law

Tacoma’s LGBTQ family lawyer, Ken Levey, founded his firm on the premise that every person deserves exceptional representation, regardless of how they define family. The Levey Law Group does not discriminate based on gender or social orientation. We frequently represent same-sex couples who have questions regarding common law marriage.  Sometimes it’s as simple as helping create a parenting plan for same sex couples who are dissolving their relationship. While it’s a sensitive topic for some, our experience in LGBTQ family law ensures you receive the best representation available.

Common Law Marriage

The Washington state legislator does not recognize common law marriages.  To address division of asset issues for unmarried couples, straight or gay, the State has defined something called “committed intimate relationships.” A committed intimate relationship is defined as a marriage-like relationship and the assets acquired during this time are subject to the court’s division. Separate property not acquired jointly during the relationship is generally not subject to division.

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