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Divorce Typically Means You Won’t be Living Together Anymore

 “Who is living where” typically becomes an issue very early in the separation and divorce process.

There are a number of decisions to be made:

  1. Short-term: Most couples decide to physically separate once divorce proceedings commence. One of the parties typically needs to find a suitable place quickly.
  2. During the divorce proceedings: The family home is typically the largest asset to consider. Homes are a central topic of discussion when deciding on property separation.
  3. Long-term: Post-divorce, at least one of the newly-single individuals must secure new housing that is appropriate for their new situation and that of their children.

Housing is a basic need, but having a home means more than just a roof over our heads. Choosing the “right home” is critical, particularly when children are involved. The right decision about “what and where” to rent or buy can make an individual/family’s life easier, convenient, and comfortable. This will help all parties as they acclimate to their new family structure. The wrong decision, on the other hand, can make life exceedingly more difficult. An unsuitable housing choice can increase household tension and cause relationship, emotional, and financial problems.

My greatest wish is for my clients to have peace of mind during the divorce process and to achieve peace of mind in their new lives moving forward. Because housing is such an important factor in this process, I have invited real estate specialist Robyn Denson, a Realtor with Keller Williams, to contribute articles with tips and insights to help clients as they consider their housing choices during and after the divorce process.

Robyn partners with individuals and families on making the best housing decisions and negotiating the best housing deals. Primarily focused on real estate in Pierce and Kitsap counties, she is known for her high-energy and absolute dedication to clients.

For sellers, the fact that Robyn comes from 20 plus years’ experience in marketing is a real bonus. For buyers, her spirit of exploration and love for hunting out the absolute best properties for a buyer’s budget, translates into a tireless search for “just the right place.” If you have a question about residential real estate or a story to share about good or bad divorce-related housing decisions, please email Robyn at

Welcome Robyn!

Robyn Denson, Realtor, Keller Williams

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