A way to mitigate the effects of divorce on kids

It’s never an easy conversation to have with clients, when discussing child custody and child visitation, determining the primary residence for the children. This article defines “birdnesting”  or “nesting” after a divorce as leaving the children in the family home, and parents come and go in rotation.

While this may be unconventional, there is a level of mindfulness on behalf of the parents that makes this scenario work. In nesting, children are able to stay in the home, maintain their neighborhood friends, stay in the same schools, and have the least amount of disruption to their daily life.

While this may work for some couples, it seems that the majority of my divorced or separated clients would benefit from only a short-term nesting arrangement.

Read the full story here https://www.nbcnews.com/better/health/birdnesting-gives-kids-one-stable-home-after-divorce-does-it-ncna935336


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