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Paternity Lawyer Our Washington state paternity lawyer will guide you through the process of establishing or disestablishing legal paternity while championing your rights. What is

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Court Order Enforcement

Court Order Enforcement We understand the complexities of court order enforcement and are dedicated to helping you navigate through court order enforcement, ensuring your rights

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Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer The mission of a child custody lawyer is to protect your family’s best interests, providing compassionate support and clear guidance through complex

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About Us

About Us Welcome! We are The Levey Law Group, a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers and support staff dedicated to providing legal services

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Practice Areas

Practice Areas We are committed to providing expert guidance through a wide range of complex family law matters. Our experienced team is dedicated to understanding

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Family Law

Family Law Attorney Navigating the complex maze of family law can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to go through it alone. As a premier

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High Asset Divorce

High Asset Divorce Attorney Facing a high-asset divorce? Secure your future with our expert legal counsel. We’ll fight for your rights, with compassion and determination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Welcome! Our Washington State Family Law FAQ page is here to guide you. We’ve simplified complex legal matters into clear answers. Start

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LGBTQ+ Family Lawyer Providing LGBTQ+ families with comprehensive legal services. We specialize in same-sex marriages, divorces, adoption, and child custody. Our commitment is to equal

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Military Divorce

Military Divorce Lawyer You need a legal team that understands the intricate details of both federal and Washington state laws. As experienced military divorce lawyers,

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