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Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Many couples have experienced the pain of infidelity. Some surveys show that as many as 41% of married people have admitted to being unfaithful to their spouses, including physical and emotional infidelity. Although Washington is a “no fault” state for divorce, adultery is obviously still important to the people involved. No one symptom is dispositive, but there are red flags to be on the look-out for if you suspect your spouse may be cheating.

One common sign is a sudden and unexplained interest in physical appearance. This could manifest through a new gym membership, lots of new, fashionable clothes, or a new hair style. If your spouse or partner abruptly begins placing a heavy emphasis on a workout routine and diet, it could be a sign that he or she is trying to look good for a new partner.

Another frequent symptom of an extra-marital affair is separating financial accounts when historically you have kept these accounts combined. For example, if your spouse opens new credit card accounts or bank accounts and does not put your name on these accounts, this is a signal that he or she is trying to conceal what is happening with those funds. You should be especially cautious if your partner refuses to allow you to see the account statements. This is a definite signal that your spouse does not want you to see what is going on, and could be spending the money on a new partner. The same should be said for cell phone accounts. Separating accounts or denying access to itemized billing is a hint that phone calls or text messages are being exchanged with someone that your spouse does not want you to know about.

Changing behavior with regard to electronics is another symptom. If your spouse has a lock code on his or her phone, tablet, or computer and refuses to share the code with you, this is a red flag that there could be messages or emails that he or she does not want you to read. An unexpected increase in the amount of time your spouse uses his or her phone is another sign, especially if he or she is evasive when questioned about the person he or she is communicating with.

The most important thing is to trust yourself. If you believe there is something “off,” then there may be something deeper going on. If you think you may be facing a divorce due to adultery, you need an experienced attorney. Contact us today at (253) 272-9459 to make an appointment and discuss your future

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