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Kenneth J. Levey Teams with the Dugan Foundation

Recently my family started the process of getting ready to open our hearts and home to another dog. During this process we have seen many animal welfare facilities in need of a helping hand. So many need support to help feed and treat the numerous neglected, unwanted, and impoverished animals at these facilities.

We knew we just had to help, so this holiday we have teamed up with the Dugan Foundation to support their Happy Howlidays Fundraiser. Happy Howlidays is a food and supplies collection drive for selected animal welfare groups in Washington State. All donations directly support various Washington State animal welfare groups so they can continue to support the cause of helping neglected animals.

What can you do?

Stop by our office, grab a tag from our donation tree, and donate towards a cause. Each tag denotes a certain dollar amount needed to help a pet in need.


Call our office today to make a donation! We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. Please make all checks out to the Dugan Foundation.


Drop off dog food and pet supplies at our office.

Just a reminder that our firm will match every donation dollar for dollar!

I know that we all have a lot going on this holiday season, but I am reminded of a quote by Émile Zola:

The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.

This season, I hope that we can together make a difference for all of four-pawed friends in need.

 Atticus Dugan Foundation and Susie

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