Top Co-parenting Apps Options to Download after Divorce

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Divorce can be tough. Not just for you, but for your children too. But here’s the good news – technology is here to help! 

Co-parenting apps are innovative tools designed to make life simpler and more organized for divorced parents. They can help you manage shared schedules, communicate effectively, track expenses, and even share memorable moments with your children.

With so many co-parenting apps in the digital world, finding the right one can be challenging. But worry not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of co-parenting apps, some free and some paid, that have helped divorced parents navigate life after separation.

Let’s start with the paid apps


OurFamilyWizard tops our list, offering a comprehensive set of tools to simplify communication and reduce conflict. It includes features such as a shared calendar, expense log, message board, and an information bank for important family details. Unique to this app is the ‘ToneMeter‘ which helps you maintain a positive tone in your communications.

Additional benefits include complimentary child accounts and free access for your professionals. You have the flexibility to provide your legal or mental health professionals with access to view your account activity, download records, and collaborate with you within the app.


  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Expense Tracker
  • Information Bank
  • Journal
  • ToneMeter

Price: Subscriptions to the online platform start at $12 per month, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The ToneMeter is available for an additional $10 per year, while the mobile app comes at no cost.

Talking Parents

Talking Parents is another resourceful co-parenting application that prioritizes accountability and prevents miscommunication. It stands out for its “unalterable records” feature, which helps to maintain the integrity of communication between co-parents. All exchanges on the platform are recorded and cannot be deleted or modified, serving as a useful tool in case of legal disputes.

The app also offers shared calendars, a personal journal, and an info library for important family details. Its Secure Messaging feature ensures that all your exchanges are encrypted, providing an extra layer of security to your conversations.


  • Unalterable Records
  • Shared Calendar
  • Information Library
  • Secure Messaging
  • Personal Journal

Price: The basic subscription is free, standard is $9.99/month and premium services are available at $24.99/month.


2Houses is an impressive co-parenting app that aims to facilitate seamless communication and coordination between divorced or separated parents. This app offers a wide range of features, including a shared calendar, financial management system, and a message board. These features are specifically designed to minimize misunderstandings and foster a harmonious co-parenting environment. One notable aspect of 2Houses is the ‘Wish List’, where children can share their wishes and needs, providing them with a platform to express themselves and encourage their involvement in the parenting process.


  • Shared Calendar
  • Financial Management
  • Message Board
  • Wish List
  • Information Bank
  • Journal
  • Alerts and Notifications

Price: $169.99 billed every 12 months


Onward is a groundbreaking co-parenting app designed to revolutionize the way parents manage and share their children’s expenses. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Onward eliminates the need for awkward interactions by providing a seamless platform for transparent financial collaboration. Whether it’s splitting costs for school supplies, extracurricular activities, or medical expenses, Onward simplifies the process, ensuring that both parents can easily contribute and track shared expenses.


  • Add Expenses
  • Upload Receipts
  • Pay Each Other Back
  • Track Your Spending

Price: $169.99 billed every 12 months

Custody X Change

Custody X Change is a robust co-parenting application designed to provide a comprehensive solution to managing shared parenting responsibilities post-divorce. Its primary feature is a detailed custody calendar, allowing you to create and manage intricate custody schedules. It also includes a tracking feature to log actual parenting time, enhancing transparency between co-parents. 

Additionally, it offers an expense management system for shared child-related expenses and a secure messaging platform for unambiguous, clear communication. Its user-friendly interface is designed to simplify co-parenting, reducing stress and fostering a harmonious environment for your children.


  • Scheduling & Tracking
  • Communication Center
  • Document Storage & Sharing
  • Expense Tracker
  • Parenting Plan Creator
  • Concerns Tracker

Price: $8.00/month or $12.00/month

Free co-parenting apps that are definitely worth a try


Cozi is an exceptional choice for those seeking a free co-parenting app that brings simplicity and organization to your life. This award-winning app is specifically designed to expertly manage everyday family life, including co-parenting arrangements. It boasts a shared calendar to effortlessly track all family activities, appointments, and custody schedules. Moreover, it offers additional shared organizational tools such as shopping lists, to-do lists, and even a dedicated space for recipes. 

Cozi also provides a remarkable family journal feature that enables you to capture and share unforgettable moments with your co-parent. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Cozi serves as an invaluable tool to ensure seamless co-parenting coordination, all without any additional cost.


  • Shared Calendar
  • To-Do Lists
  • Shopping Lists
  • Recipe Box
  • Family Journal

Price: Free


AppClose is a free co-parenting app designed to help separated parents manage their shared responsibilities with ease. The standout feature of this app is that it’s entirely free without any premium features locked behind a paywall. It offers a range of features including a shared calendar for scheduling and tracking parenting time, a request feature for swapping days, and an expense tracker with the option to pay and reimburse through the app itself.

In addition, it includes a secure messaging function with an optional read receipt feature which helps maintain clear communication between parents. It also allows parents to store and share important child-related information, ensuring that both parents have access to important details when they need it. A truly comprehensive solution, AppClose is tailored to meet the varied needs of co-parents.


  • Shared Calendar
  • Request Feature
  • Expense Tracker with In-app Payment
  • Secure Messaging
  • Information Bank

Price: Free


FamCal is a shared family calendar app designed to keep family members organized and in sync, making it a great tool for co-parenting. The app allows parents to manage their schedules, assign tasks, and communicate effectively in one place. Features like color-coded events help differentiate between various family activities at a glance, while shared notes and reminders ensure both parents stay updated on important information.

The standout feature of FamCal is the shared shopping list, which enables parents to add items, make updates, and check off completed purchases in real time. This way, they can manage family supplies more effectively, preventing duplicate purchases or missed items. FamCal embraces a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, making it easy to use for parents of all tech proficiency levels.


  • Shared Calendar
  • Color-coded Events
  • Shared To-Do Lists
  • Shared Notes and Reminders
  • Shared Shopping List

Price: Free, with in-app purchases for expanded functionality.

Choosing the right co-parenting app can make a world of difference in easing the challenges of post-divorce parenting. By using these tools, you can focus on what truly matters – raising happy, healthy kids. Remember, every family is unique, so take the time to find an app that fits your specific needs and circumstances.

At the end of the day, co-parenting is about creating the best possible environment for your children. And with the help of these apps, you’re one step closer to achieving this goal. Happy parenting!

Please note that the Levey Law Group cannot guarantee the quality, security, or reliability of any of the apps listed in this article. We want to emphasize that the information provided should not be construed as an endorsement of any app or product. Our aim is to ensure your awareness and empower you to make informed decisions.


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