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What is Collaborative Law?

In Washington State, collaborative law (commonly referred to as “Collabora tive Divorce)is governed by the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (RCW 7.77). It is a powerful method of alternative dispute resolution that is gaining traction in family law circles. It’s a process that allows couples to resolve their disagreements respectfully and amicably, without the need for contentious litigation.

Each party hires their own lawyer who is trained specifically in Collaborative Law practices. These lawyers work collaboratively (hence the name) to help their clients reach mutually beneficial agreements. This collaborative approach is not about winners or losers; it’s about finding solutions that work for everyone involved, focusing on the interests of all parties rather than merely asserting rights.

Bottom Design

It's not about fighting battles, but about navigating complexities together to establish peace and harmony for all involved parties.

Why Hire an Attorney for Collaborative Law?

Hiring an attorney for Collaborative Law is important for several reasons:

Legal Expertise

Attorneys are highly trained professionals who possess a deep understanding of the complexities of family law and collaborative processes.

Protection of Your Rights

Your attorney is your advocate, working tirelessly to protect your rights and interests. They will ensure that any agreements reached are fair and genuinely in your best interest.

Objective Perspective

Attorneys are equipped to offer you an objective viewpoint, guiding you in making informed decisions without being solely driven by emotions. They will help you find fair and reasonable solutions.

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Communication Facilitation

Attorneys act as intermediaries, skillfully facilitating communication between you and your spouse. They will ensure that both parties effectively communicate their needs and concerns.

Conflict Resolution

In the event of disputes during the collaborative process, attorneys will adeptly navigate and resolve them, keeping the process on track and preventing any breakdown.

Documentation and Agreements

Attorneys will meticulously draft legally binding agreements based on the outcomes of your collaborative discussions. This guarantees that everything is in accordance with the law and properly documented.

In Collaborative Law, each spouse must have their own attorneys, as this approach enhances the smoothness and effectiveness of the process.

Areas of Family Law Where Collaborative Law Applies

Collaborative Law can be applied across a wide range of family law matters including:

Collaborative Law Book
Child Support
Property Division

Benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law offers numerous advantages over traditional litigation. These include:

Reduced Conflict Between Parties
A More Cost-Effective Option
More Control Over What Happens
Private and Confidential
Can Be Faster

Hiring Us As For Your Collaborative Resolution

Our Approach to Collaborative Law

At the Levey Law Firm, we believe in fostering a peaceful and respectful environment to resolve family disputes. Our approach to Collaborative Law is rooted in understanding, compassion, and dedication to achieving an amicable resolution that considers the best interests of everyone involved. We work diligently with all parties, using our expertise to navigate complex legal issues and fostering open dialogue to address the unique needs and concerns of each client.

Addressing Common Issues in Collaborative Law

A common concern in Collaborative Law is the ability to maintain open and honest communication. We address this by creating a safe and neutral space for dialogue, facilitating productive conversations and ensuring that all voices are heard. Whether dealing with contentious issues around child custody, alimony, or division of property, we apply our empathetic yet firm approach to address and resolve these matters effectively.

What You Gain With The Levey Law Firm

The advantages of enlisting the services of a seasoned Collaborative Law attorney cannot be emphasized enough. With The Levey Law Group, you will have:

40+ Years of Experience

You will have the services of a firm that has been helping clients resolve disputes and achieve successful outcomes for over 40 years. This vast experience gives us a unique insight into the collaborative process.

Expert Guidance

You gain an expert guide to navigate the complex landscape of family law. We know the laws and have the experience to handle legal matters efficiently while ensuring that your rights and interests remain protected throughout the process.

Peace of Mind

The emotional turmoil during family disputes can be overwhelming. Our team will give you the much-needed peace of mind, by managing negotiations, facilitating communication, and smoothing out any conflicts that may arise, so you can focus on making the best decisions for your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Collaborative Law

Yes, Collaborative Law is a recognized legal process in Washington State. Enacted in 2013, the Uniform Collaborative Law Act governs collaborative law practices in Washington, providing a legal framework for this out-of-court dispute resolution process.
Can I switch to traditional litigation if Collaborative Law doesn't work?
Yes, you can switch to traditional litigation if the collaborative process doesn’t result in a resolution. However, it’s important to know that if you decide to go to court, your collaborative law attorney and other professional members of the collaborative team cannot represent or assist you in litigation as per the ‘disqualification agreement’ signed at the beginning of the process. This agreement is designed to commit all parties to finding a resolution without going to court.
How is confidentiality managed in Collaborative Law in Washington State?
The Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) in Washington State guarantees confidentiality in the Collaborative Law process. Communications during this process are treated as settlement negotiation and are therefore generally not admissible in court. This ensures that parties can speak openly and honestly without fear that their words could be used against them later.

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