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How to Keep Your Divorce and Work Life Separate

Whether you’re expecting it or not, divorce is a life changing event for both parties. In the process, you wonder how are you supposed to keep your divorce and work life separate. While hiring a good attorney will help tremendously, the process can still feel like taking on a second job that drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. During the middle of it all, your mind will find it difficult to focus on anything but the divorce. Afterwards, a lot of people find that it takes them anywhere from two to five years (often related to the length of the marriage) to feel themselves again.

So how do you go through such a traumatic event while giving your job the attention it requires? It won’t be easy, but it is possible! This guide will help you keep your divorce and work life separate.

Tell Your Boss

This can be difficult if you’re used to not sharing any personal details at work. However, this is important to do right away so your boss isn’t blindsided when you need days off. Remember to keep it professional and stick to the facts. You don’t need to explain what went wrong in your marriage. Your boss will respect and appreciate your letting them know about specific days you might need off.

Request a Lighter Workload

This, of course, would only be temporary with an end date scheduled. Your boss will appreciate your acknowledging that you are overwhelmed at the moment and don’t want mistakes to occur because of that.

Practice Self-Care

Even if self-care (and pampering) never been your thing, there’s no time better to start than now. Build in some structure to incorporate things that make you feel good in some way and try as hard as possible to stick doing them.

Focus on Work While You’re at Work

This might seem self-explanatory, but don’t use your employer’s time to communicate with anyone about the matters of your divorce, including co-workers. Other than your previous conversation and agreement with your boss, nothing else should change during your work hours.

Update Your Primary Contact

Don’t use your work email, address, or number as your primary contact. All correspondence circling your divorce should be done on your personal devices. If you must, create a new personal email and/or post office box.

Emotionally trying times can have a huge impact on your life, but this does not mean it has to be a trying time in your career. Follow this guide and watch your divorce and work life separate.

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